13th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology: Link to Birthe Rusikes workshop ”Creative networking”!

aug 22, 2018

As presented in the introduction for the ongoing 13th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology the conference will be summarized using liason groups during Birthe Rusikes workshop ”Creative networking” on Friday.

Please fill out the online survey about which topic during the conference  that you are extra interested in!

The survey closes at 12:00 on Friday.

The topic can be a keynote, a parallel sessions/symposium OR workshop from the 13th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology that you are extra interested in.

You have to choose only one topic!

Remember to choose the level of interest for the topic! If only one person has chosen a specific topic, then that person has to select again during the workshop.

You can reach the online survey here: